South Florida Fair 2019


It’s January and families in Palm Beach are excited. The South Florida Fair is for back (January 18, 2019 – February 3, 2019).The fair is where kids have a blast and for adults to turn back into kids for a few hours. There are a few things that make this fair the best attraction gives the details:
Rides, Rides Rides – Last year there was the Midway Sky Eye, a 155-foot-high portable observation wheel (North America’s largest!) with 36 gondolas for amazing views and romantic cuddles. Little ones can enjoy rides on Bulgy the Whale, Kiddie Bumper Boats, (tiny) Monster Trucks and dozens more while the teenagers get their thrills on the MegaDrop, Alpine Bobs, Zombie Apocalypse and dozens more spinning, whirling rides.
Fantastic Fair Food – Have a rumbling stomach? sink your teeth into the sweetness of a doughnut and the salty goodness of a burger in one bite with a Porky’s Doughnut Burger. Or why not cross breakfast and lunch into one tasty treat with Bianco’s Frosted Flakes Chicken on a Stick?
Parades, Cover Bands and Racing Pigs – Daily parades, including the “New Orleans on Ice” Ice Parades Show, transport visitors to Mardi Gras and dazzle them with ice-skating moves. On Saturday, January 27, the best rock tribute bands competed, including Crush N’ Roses (a Guns N’ Roses tribute band), Smokin’ (for fans of Boston) and ZZ’s Best (an homage to ZZ Top).
More Events at the South Florida Fairgrounds – Florida’s rich history comes to life at Yesteryear Village within the South Florida Fairgrounds year ‘round. Whether you’re visiting during the South Florida Fair or not, spend a few hours exploring life as it was before 1940 as told by live period actors in original and replicated buildings including an old schoolhouse, a farm, a blacksmith shop, and general store and period homes. The village is open year-round Thursday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Fast cars, cocktails and live music bring thousands of people together each April at the South Florida Fairgrounds for the Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction. This event showcases millions of dollars’ worth of beautifully restored classic cars.

People love to spend their time at the South Florida Fair and share their experiences on Facebook and Yelp:
“We had a blast on the rides, ate yummy/full of calories fair eats.” said Rabia a user on
“It was so much fun! I am ready to go again, so much to do, for everyone not just the little ones. Food omg you e never seen this much food in one location!” said Jeromy LaCorta a user on
“I go every single year with my family. We always enjoy some fair food and the rides. The expo center usually has interesting entertainment going on, and the yesteryear village that is on the fairgrounds is very unique.” Said Betsey L a user on
“The Ice Parade is really worth seeing, don’t miss it if you’re at the fair.” said user on
There are plenty of activities that families would love and shouldn’t miss. Taking part in the South Florida Fair will create fun loving memories that will never be forgotten. Below is a South Florida Fair Documentary.

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